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What A FinTech Needs To Know About Becoming A Bank

Featuring Mark Chorazak from Shearman & Sterling and panelists Michele Alt and Jonah Crane of Klaros Group and Marina Gracias of Varo Bank.
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From disruptive threat to essential partner, FinTech has entered a new phase.

We are committed to investing in the long-term success of the global FinTech ecosystem. FinTech Foundry by Shearman is our dedicated program that provides multi-disciplinary legal and industry knowledge, insightful thought leadership, and a forum to connect new and key participants in the wider FinTech ecosystem. 

Leveraging our experience as government regulators, in-house lawyers, and outside counsel to industry specialists, we offer clients a comprehensive understanding of the legal and regulatory issues facing the FinTech industry. View a brochure of Shearman & Sterling’s FinTech capabilities.
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How Can the FinTech Foundry Help My Business?

With a footprint in major FinTech hubs and financial centers around the globe, Shearman & Sterling’s FinTech practice is uniquely positioned to advise financial institutions, high-growth companies, technology giants, corporations and investors. 

Our FinTech practice brings together experienced FinTech lawyers with regulatory, investment advisory, M&A, intellectual property, cybersecurity, capital markets, finance, human capital, emerging growth and litigation experience. The global team includes pioneering thought leaders with world class transactional, regulatory and dispute resolution skills, making us the perfect partner for FinTechs and those seeking to enter the sector.
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance

    Get ahead of regulatory challenges before they affect your business.
  • Get Off the Ground

    Set up your company, manage your IP and close your first round of funding.
  • Expand Product Offering

    Understand the legal and regulatory implications of new products and services.
  • Negotiate Deals and Contracts

    Ensure you stay protected through fundraising rounds and partnership agreements.
  • Fundraising and Exit Opportunities

    Receive guidance and support throughout fundraising rounds and exit negotiations.
  • Scaling and International Expansion

    Understand and climb the legal and regulatory hurdles to expanding your geographic footprint.
  • Network

    Engage with our industry partners and financial institutions, investors and other startups within our network.
  • Crisis Management

    Develop a plan to keep your business running smoothly during times of uncertainty.
  • Explore New Verticals

    Explore new and relevant verticals, while also understanding the business and regulatory implications of expanding into new product lines.
  • Stay Protected

    Get ahead of any regulatory challenges as you expand your offering and upgrade from legacy systems.
  • Create Value

    Our multi-disciplinary team can advise on acquisitions and investments to grow your business.
  • Network

    Engage with startups and other industry participants within our network to find your next strategic partner or investment opportunity.
  • Protect Your Investments

    Identify and remedy any legal and regulatory issues within your portfolio companies.
  • Explore Investment Opportunities

    Receive introductions to startups within our network to find your next investment.
  • Connect the Dots

    Our deep ties to the financial services industry and our emerging growth expertise help you to manage all aspects of your business.
  • Negotiate

    Ensure you stay protected with every deal you close.