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About Us
Through FinTech Foundry by Shearman, the firm is committed to supporting FinTech startups and entrepreneurs shaping the future of financial services. With a cross-practice team of industry and thought leaders, Shearman & Sterling is able to support the FinTech-related initiatives of our clients and the wider FinTech ecosystem on a cross-border basis.

The fundamental principles of the FinTech Foundry are to offer community support, provide thought leadership and deliver mentorship and advice to the FinTech ecosystem. The FinTech Foundry includes the following three pillars:


FinTech Salons are events through which we bring together leaders in the FinTech ecosystem to network, share insights, and make connections.


A dedicated thought leadership platform offering access to our FinTech blog, co-authored industry reports, and additional content on the latest developments in the sector.


Shearman & Sterling’s FinTech Advisory is a global mentorship program dedicated to supporting early-stage FinTech startups shaping the future of financial services. Our team provides FinTech startups with access to legal and industry knowledge during the entire life cycle of your company – from inception and formation through M&A exit or IPO.


  • Fundraising and Exit Opportunities: Receive guidance and support throughout fundraising rounds, capital markets transactions and exit negotiations.
  • Scaling and International Expansion: Understand and climb the legal and regulatory hurdles to expanding your geographic footprint.
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance: Get ahead of regulatory challenges before they affect your business.
  • Expand Product Offering: Understand legal and regulatory implications of new products and services.
  • Negotiate Deals and Contracts: Ensure you stay protected through fundraising rounds and partnership agreements.

Other areas we advise on include IP protection, executive compensation and equity structures, privacy and data protection, tax and corporate governance, among others.