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FinTech Foundry by Shearman brings together leaders in the ecosystem to share insights and trends shaping the future of financial services and FinTech through our FinTech Salon events. These events cover a wide spectrum of topics, such as innovation in digital banking and identity, disruptive technologies such as blockchain and AI, open banking, consolidation trends, diversity & inclusion in FinTech and more.

Upcoming Events

1st Annual Shearman & Sterling Corporate Venture Investor Summit
November 12 and 19, 2020 – Virtual


Please join Shearman & Sterling on November 12th and 19th at 1:30–3:30 pm PT / 3:30–5:30 pm CT / 4:30–6:30 pm ET for the 1st Annual Shearman & Sterling Corporate Venture Investor Summit, co-chaired by Kevin Jacques, Global Head of Visa Ventures; Patrick Eggen, General Partner & Founder of Counterpart Ventures; and Neff Hudson, Vice President of Corporate Development of USAA. The virtual summit will offer insights and strategies from leading corporate venture investors, provide ample opportunity to engage in small group discussion via breakout sessions, hear from keynote speakers and enjoy thought provoking entertainment.

View more information on the Corporate Venture Investor Summit. 

Please contact to request an invitation to attend.

FTT Virtual Open Finance 2020
December 9, 2020 – Virtual


Shearman & Sterling is thrilled to participate as the sole legal Festival Sponsor for FTT Virtual Open Finance 2020. 

The future of finance is digital and most certainly more open. The journey to open banking may still be in its early stages but the plan is to accelerate and broaden that evolution. Open finance is coming whether through regulatory demand or market driven forces and the impact on the industry will be profound.

With a view towards improving the outcomes for consumers and businesses though more control over how their data is used and by whom, catalysing the creation of the next generation of products and services. Open finance must inform strategy decisions today for the future of all parts of the financial services sector.

Buckle up as we look at the present and future of the industry. Evaluate new business models and a fast-changing competitive landscape. Open your thinking to new partners and whole new ecosystems in a world of open finance.

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Shearman Speakers:
Barney Reynolds, Partner, Shearman & Sterling 
Emma Maconick, Partner, Shearman & Sterling
Pawel Szaja, Partner, Shearman & Sterling