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Breaking Banks Episode 355: Overcoming Barriers in RegTech Innovation

September 17, 2020
Partner Mark Chorazak (New York – Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory) joined the Breaking Banks podcast for a discussion on how RegTech can help banks accelerate compliance and cut costs. Topics of discussion also included challenges regulators face in innovation efforts, the importance of making the shift to a digitally native architecture and how regulators can use sandbox environments to accomplish iterative changes. 
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FinTech Trends and Opportunities with Donna Parisi, Global Head of Finance at Shearman & Sterling

September 8, 2020
Global Head of Financial Services and FinTech Donna Parisi joined the Wharton FinTech podcast to discuss trends and opportunities in the FinTech space. Topics of discussion included partnerships, consolidation, banking licenses, regulatory balance, global FinTech and addressing the gender gap in the FinTech space. 
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Return of the Down Round: Financing Amidst a Pandemic

July 28, 2020
In partnership with Innovate Finance, the industry body for FinTech in the UK, partners Matthew Lyons (Austin – Emerging Growth) and Pawl Szaja (London – Capital Markets) and associate Cassandra Cuellar (Austin – Emerging Growth) were joined by Kirsty Grant, Chief Investment Officer at Seedrs, and Ryan Gilbert, General Partner at Propel Venture Partners, for a webinar on the state of FinTech financing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic
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Rethinking the Workplace: Designing Return-to-Work Plans

July 21, 2020
Partner Gillian Emmett Moldowan and associate Jai Garg (both New York – Compensation, Governance & ERISA) participated in a webinar with Aneta Waberska, Head of Compliance at Ocrolus, focused on designing return-to-work plans for FinTechs and early-stage companies. 
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Shearman & Sterling to Participate in a Follow-Up Webinar with OakNorth to Discuss Expanded Main Street Lending Program

May 1, 2020
Shearman & Sterling partners Reena Sahni (New York-Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory) and Michael Chernick (New York-Finance) participated in a follow up webinar on Friday, May 1 at 1 pm ET with OakNorth’s CIO Sean Hunter and Director Neil Kahrim to discuss the Federal Reserve’s newly expanded Main Street Lending Program.
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COVID-19 Impact on FinTech: What Does the Future Hold?

May 1, 2020
Simon Dodds (London – Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory) and Pawel Szaja (London – Capital Markets) participated in a webinar during UK FinTech Week with Magdalena Krön, Global Rise Platform Director at Barclays and Matthew Jones, Principal at Anthemis on the effects of COVID-19 on FinTech.
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International Regulatory Panel

April 30, 2020
Barney Reynolds (London – Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory) participated in a webinar during UK FinTech Week with Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief Fintech Officer at the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Gareth Ramsay, Executive Director for Data at the Bank of England and Nelson Chow, Chief Fintech Officer at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on the future of global FinTech regulation.
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FinTechs Entering the US Market: What to Know

April 27, 2020
Reena Sahni (New York – Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory) and Alan Bickerstaff (Austin – Emerging Growth) participated in a webinar during UK FinTech Week with Sean Hunter, CIO at OakNorth and Sunny Parikh, Senior Vice President and Head of FinTech Innovation Lab New York at the Partnership Fund for New York City on scaling a FinTech to the US market.
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Shearman & Sterling to Join Webinar with OakNorth on the Fed’s COVID-19 Loan Programs

April 13 and 15, 2020
Partners Reena Sahni (New York-Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory), Russ Denton and Brian Dillavou (both Austin-Emerging Growth) participated in a webinar on Monday, April 13 and Wednesday, April 15 at 2 pm ET with leaders at OakNorth – a UK bank for small and medium sized companies that provides business and property loans – discussing what FinTechs and community banks should be focused on with regard to the Fed’s COVID-19 funding programs. Access Password: H7=J$!&!
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Considerations for US FinTechs and Emerging Growth Companies in Light of COVID-19

March 31, 2020
Matt Lyons (Austin – Emerging Growth), Brian Dillavou (Austin – Emerging Growth), Gillian Emmett Moldowan (New York – Compensation, Governance & ERISA), Ryan Bray (Dallas – Tax), Cassandra Cuellar (Austin – Emerging Growth) and Le-el Sinai (New York – Financial Institutions Advisory & Financial Regulatory) participated in a webinar discussing the impacts of COVID-19 on FinTechs and other emerging growth companies. The questions our team touched on in the recorded call relate to the government lending programs (including the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDLs) for the US, fundraising and investor relations, existing loans, employment matters, tax issues, vendor and customer agreements and FinTech regulatory issues, among other things.
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Matt Lyons Participates in Innovate Finance Webinar on FinTech Investment Trends

February 18, 2020
Partner Matt Lyons (Austin – Emerging Growth) participated in a webinar with Freddie Evans, Investor at Augmentum FinTech and Michele Foradori, Investor at BlackFin Tech on the trends they are seeing in the FinTech investment landscape and some of the companies they are working with.
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Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Assets with Shearman & Sterling

July 30, 2019
Donna Parisi (New York - Global Head of Financial Service and FinTech) joined the Rebank Podcast to discuss global regulatory opportunities and challenges related to digital assets. Donna also discussed regulatory frameworks and institutional infrastructure for digital assets, where the space is going and why.
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The Value of Mentor-Mentee Relationships

April 19, 2019
The Shearman & Sterling Fintech Foundry Podcast has launched its first episode, The Value of Mentor-Mentee Relationships, featuring partner Russ Denton (Austin-Emerging Growth) and Sheryl O’Connor, winner of Quesnay’s Female Founders in Fintech competition and creator of Income Conductor, a platform that provides financial professionals the ability to create and manage income plans that help individuals achieve their retirement goals. In this episode, Russ and Sheryl discuss how mentorships can help fintechs start off on the right foot and avoid costly legal mistakes.
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Fried on Business with Special Guest: Kris Ferranti

April 4, 2019
Partner Kris Ferranti (New York- Real Estate) was interviewed on AM 880’s Fried on Business show, where he discussed how blockchain and the tokenization of real estate assets can add value and efficiency to real estate transactions.
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